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Sweets and deserts inspired by my time at the French Pastry School in Chicago.

I Love Bacon!

Maple Bacon Scones

I love bacon. It’s true. Those of you who know me so well can attest to that. I’m always trying to incorporate bacon into my recipes. New tart…bacon, new biscuit…bacon, new cookie…bacon! The list goes on and on. And you can’t use just any type of bacon. It HAS to be applewood smoked bacon. Has to! I would love to be taken back to my childhood, growing up in Clovis, NM. My family was friends with an elderly man and woman we called Mom and Pops. They had this farm outside of Cannon Air Force Base, right off the main highway there. I remember spending time playing around the farm getting into some kind of mischief with my brothers. I also remember a few times when we went there because my dad was going to help slaughter a pig or a goat. Yes, sad and very traumatizing at the time. I HATED it! But we got some really good meat from it. The one thing I remember the most? Thick slabs of bacon! Oh what I would do to have that right now. I could smoke that, sugar it up and cook it. Yum, Yum! Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. I love bacon. Totally inspired by Matt’s recent trip to San Francisco (they had similar scones at a patisserie he visited) and our maple bacon donut experience at Dinkel’s in Chicago, I decided to bake some Maple Bacon Scones. One word…Delicious!